Thursday, September 15, 2005

US and North Korea, not necessarily enemies

Everyone wants the six nation talks involving North Korea and its generation of nuclear fuel to end well.

The US, which is polluting its air to an extraordinary extent with its coal-fired power generating stations (often sending their foul air to my part of Canada), has decided that nuclear power is the only viable form of power generation for the long term of its country. The US knows that nuclear power generation results in radioactive waste, which it is prepared to bury for 10,000 years or more (until a method to dispose of it safely appears).

The US has also decided that North Korea should not be able to use nuclear power because it has abused nuclear capability and knowledge in the past. The US also views North Korea as one of its "Axis of Evil" countries--basically this list is comprised of any country that has a severe dislike for the US and its ways.

However, it should be noted that North Korea did illegally buy technology from Pakistan, manufacture its own nuclear technology (including weapons) and sell them abroad.North Korea, as a nation, is literally starving, mostly because of its Stalinist ways. So the US wants to use nuclear power to advance its own industry, but it does not want North Korea to have the same opportunity.

Meanwhile, the United Nations is sitting on its hands and whistling Dixie. The US wanted the UN to reform itself into a modern and effective form of international diplomacy, monitoring and peacekeeping organisation. UN member countries decided it didn't want to be quite that effective. In other words, UN member countries don't want to mind anyone else's business. The US, of course, wants to do just that.

I applaud the US for its efforts with the United Nations. Too bad the UN doesn't have either the leadership or the willpower to do what the world needs at this time. The US has set it up so the UN could take more responsibility, but the UN wimps have chickened out.

The US, to its credit, is trying to do a juggling act with one hand tied behind its back. Bravo! to the US for showing true leadership in this time of crisis.

To the United Nations: How do you manage to have your thumbs in your ears, your mouth and your anus all at the same time? You should only be allowed to plug two orifices at once.

Bill Allin
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