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Don't Fear Microbes, They Keep You Alive

Don't Fear Microbes, They Keep You Alive

When we seed millions of acres of land with these plants, what happens to foraging birds, to insects, to microbes, to the other animals, when they come in contact and digest plants that are producing materials ranging from plastics to vaccines to pharmaceutical products?
- Jeremy Rifkin, American writer and social theorist (b. 1945)

Rifkin refers to plants and seeds that have been genetically modified or sprayed with poisons (herbicides, pesticides--any chemical that ends with -ide is a poison). What this quote fails to include is how repeated ingestion of plants and animals that have been poisoned by our agricultural sprays and fertilizers will affect us.

Read any old detective series such as those of Agatha Christie or Arthur Conyn Doyle to see how clever killers of the past killed their victims by feeding them small amounts of poison over long periods of time. Poisons are not easily eliminated from our body system, so they accumulate until they harm, often irretrievably, one or more of our organs. Poisons are effective killers over long periods of time.

Not only do industrial agriculture giants poison animals and microbial organisms, we eat the same stuff that has killed the animals and microbes. Our health authorities, chemical companies and food distributors claim it will do us no harm. Anyone who believes that is dangerously simple-minded.

Chemicals (including drugs) are tested only over a short term before being approved for agricultural applications, on plants or animals people will eat. The danger is not in the short term, but over decades. We have middle aged and elderly people dying decades before they should as a consequence. Worse, many of them suffer for decades in hospitals and nursing homes before they die. This costs them dearly with loss of livable years and we all pay through our taxes and insurance premiums.

Why not fear microbes? Didn't Louis Pasteur prove that they are dangerous? No. In fact, what Pasteur proved is that some dangerous microbes (the bad guys) can be killed, such as by pasteurizing milk, before the food is consumed.

What Pasteur did not show and what our media and medical professionals since have failed to speak openly about is the fact that useful and helpful microbes are killed, billions of them, along with the few bad guys with pasteurization.

Our immune systems, the feature of our body that prevents us from dying from the first pathogen that comes along and that heals us naturally when we do get sick, are composed mainly of microbes. About 80% of our immune system is made up of good microbes (good guys) that are not even part of our body cells. They live in a symbiotic relationship with the cells of our body.

How significant are their numbers? Estimates by professionals of the numbers of microbes in our immune systems as compared with the number of cells in our body range from ten times to 100 times as many. That makes them really important to our health and our life.

Here is the critically important part. When these microbes (mostly bacteria, but they may include some viruses that actually help us) are killed, we die. Or we get very sick. Or our organs are damaged so badly that we eventually die, such as through cancer. We can't live without those good guys.

So what's the problem? We eat food that contain chemicals designed to kill microbes. When we get sick, doctors give us antibiotics. Antibiotics, by definition, are designed to kill microbes. Antibiotics kill the good microbes that comprise the majority of our immune system. No wonder so many people get tragic diseases months after taking antibiotics.

If we get cancer, they give us chemotherapy drugs, which are poisons. Please understand this, chemo drugs are poisons. No one disputes this. Radiation is not a poison, but it can damage healthy body cells around a cancer site so that surviving cancer cells can spread more easily. Radiation does not come with 100% guarantees of effectively killing all cancer cells.

Check survival rates for cancer victims beyond five years. Why five years? Because chemo and radiation tends to slow cancer development enough for most people to live that long. But not much longer. If I were "cured" of cancer I would hope to live many more than five years. If I had chemo treatments or radiation, even "successful" ones, I should not make long term plans.

How about surgery? Same problem as radiation, a surgeon with human eyes can't see something as small as a cancer cell. Surgeons do not use microscopes while they operate. Miss one or a few active cancer cells and cancer is just delayed, not cured.

Prevention, then. Mammograms squash the female breast so much that if there is a cancer site in one, the cancer cells may be physically pushed elsewhere so they can spread. It's called metastasizing when cancer cells are spread through the body, often through the bloodstream. If you have any cancer cells in your breast when you have a mammogram (to detect cancer), your cancer may spread by the very means doctors use to detect cancer. Clever, huh? Guess who gets more work when you have more cancer.

Vaccines? Vaccines were originally intended to boost the body's natural defence against disease and degradation, the immune system. For many years, vaccines have migrated (with the guidance of Big Pharma chemists) to the point where they actually harm the immune system. These medical "professionals" believe their chemicals can effectively replace the immune system instead of boosting it. These chemists and their pharmaceutical employers are not smarter than nature.

Follow the link below to view a video and read a short article about how the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) may be directly responsible for untold number of children becoming autistic because of a vaccine widely accepted to be applied to young children. It still is injected. Even when its fraud has been made public, it has done nothing to prevent young and helpless children from becoming autistic.

I can't overstress the importance to supporting, not killing, your immune system microbes. Pay attention to television commercials that promise to kill microbes in your mouth, on your skin, even to quell disturbances in your belly. These are all places where microbes that form the majority of your immune system are located. Are these manufacturers trying to kill you? Not intentionally. They are just trying to sell you as much product as possible before you learn the truth.

Now you know what to look for. Make wise choices. Practice wise habits.

Bill Allin is the author of Turning it Around: Causes and Cures for Today's Epidemic Social Problems, a book of cheap and easily implemented solutions to problems that plague every culture, every city, most families.
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