Sunday, January 15, 2006

Why me? Why not others?

In our more introspective and troubled moments, we are apt to think about our current problems and wonder, "Why me?" Why, we want to know, should such seemingly unreasonable things happen to us, especially when they don't happen to others?

Why not you?

We tend to avoid sharing our more troubled times and thoughts with others, mostly because we know that we don't want to listen to others drone on about their problems.

They do have problems. Many have problems far worse than our own. They don't talk about theirs just as you seldom talk about yours.

When I think back over my own life, I wonder how I managed to survive with unusual disabilities and problems right from birth. My own sister, who had parental support from birth, barely managed to survive a decade past the deaths of our parents.

I try to look up, to look ahead. My sister always looked down, focussing on her own problems while ignoring those of anyone else.

Maybe the survivors are those who simply won't quit. They always look ahead and hope that things will get better.

Perhaps they have the fortitude to make changes in their lives that allow them to build on what they have, rather than to allow inertia to wear it away.

The wisest among us has survived the most, often building on the ashes of their own past.

May you be blessed with the phoenix within when you need it most.

You survived everything that life has thrown at you. You have built when the world crumbled around you.

You are an example for others to follow.

Act like a role model. Others need your example.

Bill Allin

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