Saturday, January 07, 2006

To exploit human misery or to aleviate it

When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it?
- Eleanor Roosevelt, diplomat and writer (1884-1962)

When most people see others living in miserable conditions, their reaction is to do nothing (they deserve their fate or I can't bear to think about it), to take advantage of it (I can make money here by exploiting labour or resources) or to fight it (I can gain power over these people).

The number of people who will work to change the conditions in which people live in misery by helping them up are few, and powerful people work to ensure that those few remain relatively powerless.

It's a mark of the progress of human civilization to help others because it's the right thing to do. TIA wants to do that.

Many powerless people working together can easily overcome the forces that work against the progress of civilization. We don't have to do much individually to have a formidable effect collectively.

Step one is to read Turning It Around. Step two is to join the TIA group. After that, each succeeding step is easier and even less time consuming.

Please help others to take the first step.

Bill Allin
'Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today's Epidemic Social Problems,' striving to help each person take those first few precious steps.
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