Thursday, February 16, 2006

You may be a slave without knowing it

"Computer games don't affect kids, I mean if Pac Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive music."
- Marcus Brigstocke

The irony of this statement is intended to smack you in the head. If it doesn't then you haven't been paying attention to life around you.

Anything--absolutely anything at all--that impacts your brain from an outside source repeatedly will affect your thinking, perhaps even altering your lifestyle or your view of the value of life itself. The key word there is "repeatedly." Very little will change your life if you hear or read it just once.

This is not the place to string out examples as evidence, but there is an abundance of it to prove that repeated impact of any message on your brain from outside will change your way of thinking.

Let's use (again) the example of Germans supporting the killing of Jews, cripples and the chronically ill during the Nazi period--something that would be unnatural in more normal circumstances--to show that propaganda alters thinking. Propaganda chief Goebbels knew what he was doing and he effectively made acts of horror the norm in Hitler's Germany.

Whether it be video games, television programs, movies, newspaper editorials disguised as news, opinions from radio DJs or lectures from a pulpit, your mind and your way of thinking and living your life may be altered if you are not prepared to cope with an onslaught of opinion that may not jive with the way you have chosen to live your life.

Children need to be taught this or their minds will be twisted without their parents being aware of it. They need to be taught that others want to make them emotional slaves to their political, religious or commercial benefit.

Bill Allin
'Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today's Epidemic Social Problems,' striving to help parents and communities grow emotionally and psychologically healthy children.
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