Friday, August 19, 2005

Tell the truth in simple language

"Works of imagination should be written in very plain language; the more purely imaginative they are the more necessary it is to be plain."
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

"Works of imagination" does not necessarily means fantasy. It means taking a reader beyond the humdrum thoughts of routine existence.

When writing Turning It Around, I faced two challenges. The first was to tackle a subject that most people consider far too complex to consider, that being solutions to social problems that keep getting worse as our governments add patches to patches with more prisons and psychiatric help for broken people. It had to be written in a form that could be understood by everyone who would read the book, no matter what their reading level.

The second was to express these now-simplified concepts in words that cannot be misunderstood and must not be able to be twisted by opponents to serve their own anti-social goals.

I believe that TIA achieves these objectives. Ironically, the print media treat something written so clearly and plainly, expressing concepts in such simple ways that they seem self-evident to any reader, as if the work does not warrant reporting. They want to take something that is hard to understand and make it easier for their readers. But then, something that is harder to read will not be read by many people.

I am reminded of the wonderful children's writer Dr. Seuss, whose books dealt with meaningful subjects in such "silly" language that they received little recognition at first, until children spoke by buying his books as fast as they could get them.

TIA will only catch the attention of print media when people buy the book from bookstores. I invite you to do your part with that and to tell your friends about the book too.

Bill Allin
'Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today's Epidemic Social Problems,' bringing solutions to community and personal problems to your doorstep, like the old style milk delivery, only for the mind.
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