Sunday, July 03, 2005

Where do you stand?

You are an infinitesimal part of the universe. Within the known cosmos you are no more significant than a speck of dust.

Unless you combine the life force that is within you with the lifeforces of others like you (and me). That gives you power unlike any known force.

You can't do it alone. Alone you are as worthless as dust, as am I.

We only gain significance when we combine with others to make things happen that would not happen under the forces of nature.

When you assume that you don't have to give much regard to others, that you must look after yourself and your own best interests, you adopt the natural value of dust.

When you combine your energy with that of others to make a positive difference to your world, to my world, to the world of everyone else who inhabits this planet in the same life form as you, you gain a special power and importance that is available only to one known species. Us.

When you put your power with that of others, you have the power of all those that are with you. Alone, you are weak, helpless, hopeless.

There are those who want you to believe that you really are weak, helpless and hopeless. I am not one of those people.

I want you to join with me to become something that neither of us could be alone. I want us to seek the assistance of others who wantto do something that humans have never done before. I want us to show everyone that humans are far more good than bad, far more right than wrong, far more honest than corrupt, far more divine and eternal than base and temporal.

Let's do what we have been given the potential to do, by speaking together for what we believe is right.

This is what TIA is about.

It's not about seizing power, but adopting it collectively with and through others.

Some people want to be weak, helpless and hopeless. I am not one of those.

Come, stand proudly with me. Together we will make the world a better place.

Bill Allin
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