Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The profit motive rules

"Sometimes what's right isn't as important as what's profitable."
- South Park, Prehistoric Ice Man

In North American cultures, those who believe in doing what is right face a continual struggle against those who believe that profit should be the guiding principle of everyone.

The profit motive works in the sociopathic atmosphere of large corporations where drones labour endlessly for the continued prosperity of their employers. They believe that their lives and the lives of their employers meld into one. That is, they have no life other than that of work.

Our education systems produced these people. Because they don't know how to make lives for themselves, the attach themselves emotionally and psychologically to their employers.

It's not hard to teach a child how to make a life. But evidence of people around us shows that this is not happening on its own. No one is directing education systems to build people. They are directed to build employees.

And that's what they do.

TIA believes that work is but one component of life. Let's put a TIA program in place.

Bill Allin
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