Sunday, June 05, 2005

What if nothing went wrong in your life?

What if nothing went wrong? Maybe everything we think that is anunfortunate twist of fate that negatively impacts our lives issupposed to happen to us. If we refuse to think of these things as bad, that they are really meant to be the way our lives are intendedto unfold, will they still be bad?

What if we didn't worry? If we believe that everything will happenthe way it is supposed to happen, why should we worry? You, me, each of us is too blind, too stupid to know if what we worry about or what we consider bad events are really to benefit us in the long run.

Think about this. The organism that you think of as being you isreally a collection of billions of organisms, all working in an unbelievably complex and sophisticated manner, with your personality added to that, to make a being that is beyond our comprehension to understand. Is it reasonable for you or me to think that whatever created such a compound organism would make it stumble through life, bumbling from one mistake or misfortune to another?

I am not who I am today because everything went right in my life. I am who I am because an incredible number of "misfortunes" befell me, because I have disabilities beyond even my understanding (for most of my life), because I kept wanting to be better.

My wanting to be better was all that was required of me for most of my life. Now more is needed from me. And yet, as I am required to give more, I find that I am learning more and faster than ever.

I didn't allow myself to get bogged down in misfortune and despair for long through my life. I won't allow myself to get despondent because of tragedy any more. There is a plan that I don't understand. Part of that plan made me who I am. Another part is guiding my future.

Worry and despair is within my control. I won't allow them to affect how well the plan for my life unfolds.

I accept each person who wants to be the way they are. I will help every person who wants to be better, to improve, to grow.

I don't control my fate, I just follow my guide. I am in touch with the source of creation. It's a feeling unlike anything I have felt in my life.

I will do my part to further the intention that the creator has for my people.

You may join me if you wish. I ask only that you want to learn and that you will tell others.

Bill Allin
Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today's Epidemic Social Problems

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