Friday, June 10, 2005

Climbing the ladder of life

"The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only hold man's foot long enough to enable him to put the other somewhat higher."
- Thomas Henry Huxley

Life is like climbing a ladder. There are those who want to stay where they are on the ladder--it's safe and comfortable, but they go nowhere, accomplish nothing. There are those who want to go down because they are afraid of what may be at the top--down is backwards, a direction the human brain cannot cope with.

Climbing the ladder of life is difficult. But that is what life is like. You can enjoy the scenery while you are climbing, but don't lose track of the fact that life is a great deal of hard work. Your reward is that you get to continue to climb, instead of stagnating or regressing, or falling off the ladder.

Bill Allin
'Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today's Epidemic Social Problems'

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