Tuesday, March 22, 2005

US Government versus God

The US government and administration firmly believe and freely tell the world that they speak on behalf of God. They use the same kind of rationale as the monarchs of Europe used during the period of the Divine Right of Kings.

However, both now consider it their right to either play god or defy God, depending on how you want to think of their actions.

Terri Schiavo, a Florida resident, has been a body without a soul for 15 years. As a result of an unfortunate health attack in 1990, her heart stopped pumping blood long enough that her brain virtually ceased to function. Her autonomic systems work, but she has no other brain function at all.

Hospital physicians refer to her condition as a persistent vegetative state.

The US government and administration are controlled by conservative Christian power groups. Like dictators, these groups need to exercise their powers once in a while or those who have nominal control of the positions of power will forget who is in charge behind the scenes.
Congress, dominated by Republicans, passed legislation that overturned a ruling by a Florida judge saying that the feeding tube that has been keeping the body of Terri Schiavo
alive could be removed. President Bush signed it into law. Without sustenance, the body one inhabited by her will not longer pump blood or breath within two weeks.

But what, exactly, is being kept alive in that hospital bed? Is this woman being starved to death, as we are asked to believe?

Republicans who claim to believe in God, the human soul and an afterlife want to force a body that their God decided 15 years ago had lived its full term to continue to exist strictly on life-support technology. What is really being kept alive are the billions of bacteria and other microscopic life that live in symbiosis with the body of the former Terri Schiavo. Her body cells have not died because they have not contracted a fatal disease in 15 years.

We need to understand that this microscopic life will continue to exist or will moderate its form only slightly if the body of Terri Schiavo ceases to exist. Only the shell of Terri will break down over time. There has been no Terri Schiavo, as such, for 15 years. Elvis has left the building.

Scientists can create life in a test tube, in a laboratory. This can be kept "alive" using life support technology. No one claims that this life should continue to exist indefinitely, until it contracts a disease from other microscopic life and ceases to function. Conservative Christians claim that it should never have been created in the first place, that scientists are playing god.

Yet that is exactly what they are doing themselves by keeping a non-functioning entity "alive." For whatever reason, their God decided that Terri Schiavo should die on February 25, 1990. As they believe they know better than their God, they have decided that they will do whatever they must to see that the lifeless body of this woman (the bacteria have life, but the woman does not) remains in existence.

Congress passed into law a bill that would force the feeding tube to be reinserted, and President Bush signed it an hour later.

So, who, exactly, is defying God? Congress? The President? The conservative Christian community? These people deserve to be revealed for what they are.

Power mongers.

I believe in God, but not in their God.

Bill Allin
Turning It Around

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