Sunday, September 16, 2007

Making Your Dreams Into Reality

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We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.
- Martin Luther King

Mr. King was not just an inspired speaker, he was inspiring in his use of the language. Disappointment we can expect, he said, but we must strive to always have hope.
Hope is one of the most inspiring words we have. It makes people feel good. However, it does very little except that.

When you have hope, you know what you want of life. Even if it seems to be out of reach, you have an objective in mind. That's the first and most important step in any change you can make in your life. You need to know where you want to go, what you want to accomplish, who you want to be before you can put into place any changes that might help you to get there.

Hope alone won't do it. Hope is the end of the line for lazy people and those who are frightened to make changes in their lives.

Hope accomplishes nothing except to give us a temporary boost of dopamine into our brain to make us feel good. Actually implementing the changes necessary to achieve the goals of our hope takes a great deal of commitment, a lot of hard work, determination to get through the rough patches that inevitably arise and persistence in ensuring that we become the person we want to be.

That last part may have surprised you if you expected me to say "where you want to be." The change happens first within your own mind, not where you body is located. You must live the role you want to play in your new life before it becomes a reality.

If you want to live in a better place than you do now, you must prepare. The new location may have no reliable source of income for you (a common characteristic of places that are healthier, friendlier and safer to live). You may have to rethink what you can do to earn a living. That may require new skills, some study at a college, joining some groups of people who have as hobbies what you want to do for a living and getting to know what life is really like where you aspire to live.

There will be sacrifices to make if you want change. You can't expect a new community to bend around you to accommodate someone who doesn't want to learn anything new or to do anything differently.

A change of lifestyle means a change of life. First that means some learning. Then the big decision and the commitment to never look back.

Will you have to sacrifice your family and friends? Maybe. People who moved to the New World in the Americas did that, believing that their new life would offer them more than the one they chose to leave behind. But today the internet and a headset allows you to speak to anyone, almost anywhere on the planet, for nothing or almost nothing, every day if you want. Likely more often than you speak on the phone now to those people.

A web cam lets you transmit pictures of yourself speaking and another allows you to see the person you are speaking to in realtime (as each of you speaks).

If you can get along without the hugs of the people you leave behind, at least for most of the time, you can find a better place where you can have new friends that will hug you even more. And actually care for you. People who will be happy to stop and chat with you on the street, who will help you with a flat tire or to find yourself a dentist.

Does it sound as if I am being very specific about something? That's because my wife and I have just been through this process. In a few months we will activate our plan and move to what we believe is the best possible place in the world for us to live. I have been through the process. I lived the dream. I acted on it to make it happen.

Where will we move? I won't tell you that. It's our dream. Find your own dream and make it happen.

Be prepared to work hard to make it happen. Be prepared to cut a few ties to make even better ones happen.

If you have the hope and the determination, you have the ability within you.

Bill Allin
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