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How Religious Moralists Are Destroying Us

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"The only question to ask yourself is, how much are you willing to sacrifice to achieve this success?"
- Larry Flynt, Hustler publisher and porn filmmaker

Larry Flynt came out of a background of poverty to make a success of himself, if wealth and notoriety are the hallmarks of success, as they are according to social leaders in the western world.

Hustler broke the morality barriers as the magazine outdid Playboy in providing what a great number of readers wanted most, bold views of naked female genitals. Mere coincidence caused much of the rest of the female bodies to appear in the magazine's photos as well.

Flynt now makes fortunes serving up filmed sexual experiences tied loosely together by flimsy plots to audiences that are so ready to accept his offerings that even the highly rated Friends television show often had two or more of the characters gathering to watch "porn."

Many people don't like what Flynt does. The man can't walk, is paralyzed below the waist because he took a bullet from some highly moral person who thought him better dead. The attempted murderer had many supporters among other highly moral people.

Is Larry Flynt a success or a despicable moral pervert? Either, depending on who you speak to.
What everyone seems to miss on this subject is the reason why Hustler and Flynt's other enterprises have such huge audiences who always have money to spend to buy his products.

The explanation is that he provides something that people believe they need and want. You may disagree with that, but that changes nothing. The well known angst and rebellion of many teenagers have fundamentally the same cause. The young people want something they aren't getting from the most important people in their lives. That's usually nothing more or less than knowledge about their world.

But what exactly do they want? As a society we don't know because we have readily adopted the hypocrisies we have been fed since the Victorian era (though they began hundreds of years earlier). Those hypocrisies require us to either deny truths or to keep them covered.

First of all, the people who want to kill someone who is immoral by their standards break one of the founding principles of those moral standards, that of not killing or wanting to kill another person.

While virtually all of these people would tell us that they believe that God created humans and that humans are God's greatest creation, His most perfect of all perfection, they want our bodies covered because it's apparently shameful to them. The irony (hypocrisy) of believing that God created perfection then their wanting to cover it because it is shameful totally escapes them.

We highly intelligent mammals may not all want to kill others of our own kind, but almost every one of us has a built-in hormonal urge to reproduce, considered by religions as a moral imperative and by evolutionists as the instinct to spread our genetic material for the survival of our species.

In order that we not copulate in brutal and insensitive ways, methods that have males treating females as nothing more than sexual objects, we need to learn how to have sexual experiences that both partners believe are enjoyable and respectful. Yet we forbid those members of our society who are approaching or at the peak of their reproductive potential from learning such information.

It's "dirty." It's "lewd." It may well be exactly in line with what the God these people worship has dictated in holy books and what their moral teachings say about treating others with respect and providing them with learning experiences, but they have decided that it's wrong.

Teenagers who are gaining their own footing in the intellectual sphere of learning find this hypocrisy repulsive. They may not say so in so many words, but they show their revulsion by rebelling in other ways, transferring their displeasure with what they are being denied to the same culture of people who deny them their fundamental human rights.

Adults, who have almost no other ways of learning the information themselves, turn to pornography as the easiest way to learn. Can't they learn from television and movies? Yes, but few people want to begin their sexual events by ripping each other's clothes off, inhaling the skin off each other's faces with their open-mouthed "kissing fish" kisses and thrashing around as if physical harm is a definite possibility. That's not respectful, enjoyable or even realistic.

Our public access outlets for sexual information are nothing less than examples of insensitive and brutal events where film or tape can't convey the true beauty of the experience so they resort to exaggerated acrobatics.

It's time for us to grow up as a society. It's time we acted like responsible adults who know what their children need instead of brain-impaired large children who let bullies with twisted senses of moral power dominate our lives, creating more problems for us than they ever solve and denying us basic human rights.

We live in a society where hypocritical bullies rule the roost. It's time to tell them NO MORE! It's time for us to take responsibility ourselves rather than let them feed us their retrogressive morality that gives them power and creates enormous social problems for the rest of us.

Bill Allin
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