Sunday, June 10, 2007

God's "Favorites" Are Dangerous People

Whoever imagines himself a favorite with God holds others in contempt.
- Robert Green Ingersoll, lawyer and orator (1833-1899)

The conclusion does not necessarily follow, logically, from the single premise, but it happens as a function of human nature.

When such a person happens (no coincidence) to be the leader of a military, that usually results in war. Almost every war fought since the end of the Roman Empire had at least one leader (often both) who believed that he was a favorite of God, thus that God was on the side of him, his military and his country if he was also a political leader.

The most famous example in modern times was the Second World War. People who lived through it in and fought for Allied countries knew well that their soldiers were fighting with the grace of God on their side. Those who fought on the side of the Germans were confident that God was on their side and was constantly supporting their troops. Hitler told them. The Japanese military fought directly under their God, the Emperor.

The very fact that someone would consider themselves a favorite with God makes him believe that he is superior to the rest of humanity. Those who believe they are naturally superior to others of their kind always treat the others with contempt, though that contempt may show itself in many different ways.

Nothing in any monotheistic religion should lead anyone to believe that one human being is superior to another or that one is or even could be a favorite of God, thus superior to others. Those who hold this belief choose it and build their lives around it.

Other than a propensity to engage in war, those who consider themselves to be superior to others may act in an arrogant manner, with hubris, and will likely bully those under their control. This is not to say that all bullies believe they are favorites of God, only that the reverse is true. In general, bullies are insecure people, whereas those who believe themselves superior are not insecure, except perhaps in a deep psychological sense.

Watch for these characteristics in the people you read about in the news. It will tell you something about them and may help you to understand what plans they may devise for the future. For your future.

Bill Allin
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