Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More air for the rest of us

If I could wish for my life to be perfect, it would be tempting but I would have to decline for life would no longer teach me anything.
- Alyson Jones

Therein lies the secret to life.

While so many people strive to learn what life is all about and what it has to offer them, what truly matters is what they have to offer as a contribution to the total existence on earth.

Those who pray ask for things instead of committing themselves to doing something of value to the world.

Many who do not pray cry that the world is too hard on them, caring little or not at all about the burden that they place on the rest of the world.

Those who don't know how to manage their lives sometimes turn to addictions. Work, sex, drugs, religion, gambling, excessive eating, obsessions, hate, idol worship, they are all ways that people try to find meaning that the world can give to them. Not one of these contributes a thing to justify why these people use up natural resources.

Many people avoid getting involved with all kinds of things because it would mean too much learning for them to gain sufficient knowledge. Learning is work and they have been taught that work is to be avoided as much as possible.

Some are comfortable with their own ignorance, which eventually matures into stupidity.

Many people wonder why more people don't like them. They consider those who give freely of themselves to benefit others to be suckers. "If someone wants to be my friend, they can give me something or do a favour for me first, as a gesture of friendship."

In time, they find themselves standing on the corner waiting for the next bus. But there was only one bus in their lifetime. They missed it. They keep searching.

Few mourn their passing. It leaves more air for the rest of us to breathe.

Bill Allin
'Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today's Ep[idemic Social Problems,' striving to encourage those who can to create more air for everyone to breathe.
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