Saturday, June 03, 2006

Help ignorant politicians help you

Freedom does not consist of granting the government more control, but
in educating citizens how to control themselves. An ignorant public
is ripe for government manipulation and control. Ignorant government representatives are ripe to be controlled by a dominant self-interested leader.
- Bill Allin, author of 'Turning It Around,'

Oh, that's cool! I quoted myself.

Continuing the theme of ignorance being the cancer of any society, we see today that ignorance exists in plentiful quantity within our elected representatives as well.

The key to power in government is not to pass popular legislation, but to control the reins of those who have been elected to represent thousands of voters.

Those who manage to get themselves elected excel at the skills of getting elected. They often have little or no expertise beyond that, which is why they don't find themselves in senior cabinet positions. They know little about the background of issues involved with legislation they are asked to vote on. They know little about the operation of the machinery of politics.

Thus most elected representatives find themselves in need of leadership. Party leaders and whips provide that. They provide that service not in the sense of wise counselors, but more like police after hours in a curfew zone.

Lacking the knowledge, the skill and the power to stand alone on a given issue, elected representatives almost always follow the party line, which is what they are told and how they should vote. They are, in many cases, like children in the early months of kindergarten.

From this you should conclude that your elected representatives know very little more about the various sides of issues on which they make decisions (vote) than you do.

When these elected represenatives go home to their constituencies, they move into their own power bases. They still don't know much about major issues, despite the fact that they speak confidently as if they do. Then they depend on input from the loudest and most persistent of their constituents, as well as from local party organisers. Not necessarily from you, unless you are loud and persistent.

Meanwhile, most of the voters carry on with their lives as if everything is in order and their best interests are being looked after. But they aren't.

Only by educating the public about matters that should interest them can informed opinions be offered to elected representatives in such a way that they would be able to confidently vote in the way the majority of their constitutents would have them vote.

Most voters have little interest in issues of government. That's not because they aren't interesting (as many would have you believe ) but because they don't know anything about these issues. Only exceedingly arrogant people have the hubris to express strong feelings about matters about which they know very little. Most people just shut up.

'Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today's Epidemic Social Problems' has a plan that would cost nothing to implement and would educate voters and others in every community about matters under consideration by their governments.

Please understand that: it would cost nothing. All personnel and information are freely available now, though they are not in positions that could benefit voters. The infrastructure of the plan has not been voted on.

Changes recommended in "TIA" are not revolutionary. In fact, they would be embraced by a huge majority of people, including those who hold political power. There is almost nothing about which anyone could take offence.

The problem is that very few people (in relative terms) know about the book and the proposals it offers. That's where you come in. Once you have read about this plan, you will want to tell others. There is nothing more needed than that.

Here's something to tempt you. The plans (including those for implementation) offered in this book are the only way to global peace. And they are the only way to bring peace and good health to every individual. There's much more, but that's a start.

Sound impossible? You've heard all kinds of crap and promises before, haven't you? I can only recommend that you read the book and judge for yourself. Find out why people on six continents are already behind this project and are offering to translate the book into their respective mother languages so that their people can learn about TIA.

You can read some of the book on my web site to get you started.

It's only a book. You will find out about it sooner or later. I'm simply urging you to learn about it before everyone on your block is talking about it and you are the last to know.

It's too important for you to dismiss because you are too busy. Especially since the book will be a great help to you in your personal life.

Bill Allin
'Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today's Epidemic Social Problems,' striving to help you be the first in your community to know about this real plan for personal and global peace.
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