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More pornography, less rape:learn the lesson

"... the amount of pornography available in the United States is considerably greater than thirty or even twenty years ago. One can consider alone the increase in home video rental and sales..."
"... we can see that the incidence of rape declined markedly over these last twenty years from 1975 to 1995."
- From the book "Porn 101: Eroticism, Pornography, and the First Amendment"

This data will make some people uncomfortable. They consider themselves to be morally superior to others whom they believe to be morally weak or even perverted.

There is no evidence, either in history or in recent sociological studies, to suggest that keeping people ignorant of any subject (anything at all) improves their condition, either their personal life condition or the conditions in their communities. Absolutely zero evidence.

On the other hand, there is an abundance of evidence to show that educating people on any subject informs them sufficiently that they will (almost all) make the wisest decisions, which are in both their best interests and those of their communities.

Why do the "morality police" consider themselves to be the experts on pornography, on prostitution, on crime, on drugs or on any other subject on which they pontificate and feel justified in condemning others for their participation in such activities?

The answer is that they are afraid of them, both of the activities and of the people who participate in them. They believe they know all they need to know about these activites, but they really know very little. They just know enough to feel better than those who commit these "sins." Feeling superior protects them from their own ignorance.

They have no idea why people get involved in such activities, nor do they have any interest in finding out. They have no idea of what the lives of the participants are like or why the "perverts" can't manage to avoid "sinful" activities as they can themselves. And they don't want to learn.

They remain ignorant, thus they can do absolutely nothing to improve the situation, other than to hire more police and build more prisons. Most of the time they would rather believe that these sinful activities don't even exist.

And there is the key. You can't solve anything until you admit that the activites exist in your community and nothing positive is being done to help the people who turn to them.

Sociologists have demonstrated in many studies that most inmates in prisons are socially underdeveloped or anti-social because they developed in ways different from the majority because they did not have sufficient positive social learning experiences as children.

Sociologist also know that most emotionally broken people are emotionally (psychologically) underdeveloped, meaning that they have insufficient skills to cope with events and situations in their lives that seem to overwhelm them.

Social and emotional development happens primarily in children, which means that parents and teachers are in the best positions to assist with them. Later, as adults, psychologists, therapists, counsellors and other guidance professionals may be able to help people with extensive and intensive reprogramming, but this is very expensive, economically impractical for large numbers of people.

Teach the children.

That's what the TIA program was designed to do. Turning It Around even provides many of the lessons that parents and teachers need to teach to children. These are not peculiar to any one religion or political persuasion. They are universally accepted and embraced principles of human social cohabitation.

Teach the children. TIA shows us how.

Bill Allin
'Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today's Epidemic Social Problems,' striving to show the light at the end of what seems like an endless tunnel of life.
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