Sunday, March 12, 2006

Basic human needs we don't teach about

In the absence of touching and being touched, people of all ages
can sicken and grow touch-starved.
- Diane Ackerman, writer (1948- )

If 'Turning It Around' is the most important development in history for correcting social problems we have in our families, our communities and our countries that affect the lives of everyone, then spreading the world about the basic need for touch is of similar importance to individuals.

We all know we have a basic need to eat. However, we don't teach enough about this basic human need, and not properly, so we have many people who get diseases, who become disabled, who become mentally weak because they don't get the right kinds of nutrition into their bodies.

We all know we have a basic need for rest. But we don't teach about this basic need enough so we have people working 60 and 80 hour weeks, sleeping only a few hours each night so they can be "successful." Yet what they end up being is worn out social misfits, if indeed they live long enough to appreciate what they missed in life.

We don't seem to know anything (or at least enough) about our need for touch. An abundance of literature exists from academic studies to show that people who receive the amount of touch they need are healthier, happier and better adjusted to their surroundings.

Couples who touch each other frequently every day remain in love. Frail and elderly people who have pets (or grandchildren) as daily companions live longer, stay happier and heathier. People recovering from any illness, any tragedy, any downturn in their lives fare better when they have a "support system" that provides them with the touch they need.

People who have enough of the right kind of touch in their lives don't want to conquer the world. They want to help bring peace to it.

TIA will teach that too. Please help us by spreading the word about this group and encouraging people to join. If they can, get them to read the book too.

Bill Allin
'Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today's Epidemic Social Problems,' striving to bring peace to each life and to the world.
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