Saturday, February 12, 2005

Intro to Turning It Around

Welcome to TIA. Turning It Around is a relatively new organization of people who now represent five continents of the world.
The group uses as its basis the book Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today's Epidemic Social Problems. The book, now six years into its formation and development, will be published in June, 2005, in the US and Canada. It will be available worldwide through the online book stores, such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. North Americans will be able to buy it or order it at any local book store.
The main theme of TIA is the bringing together of people around the world by focussing on what we all have in common. This differs from the stress on our many differences that we see in the United Nations, NATO and many other organizations. When we concentrate on what we share in common, our beliefs and values, we see that we are really just one people with many different mother languages, skin colours and costumes.
To some, the most important feature of TIA is its proposal of a method to achieve social change. Other groups wanting social change, such as those supporting the environment, have just causes but no means by which they can put their wishes into effect. TIA has that method, a way to make social proposals into public policy, without resorting to coersion, religion, political preferences or revolution.
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